Getting ready for the 2022 grilling season

The 2022 grilling season is almost upon us! Don’t get me wrong, I have been grilling outdoors sporadically, but with these cold temperatures and snow, I must admit that it has been tough!

As we plan to get ready peak weather season. I decided to take a look at my gear and see if there’s anything else that I should consider. Right now, I am currently using a Weber Genesis grill and a Big Green Egg. 

I was warned that once I got the BGE, that I would use the Weber far less. So far, I would say it’s totally on point, but in the winter, I sure am glad to have the Weber to fire her up quickly and get some burgers and dogs done. How much is a Big Green Egg? It really varies based on the size. Take a look at the chart.

The first thing that I am considering this season is buying a reliable pizza stone. We love grilling in the backyard. After watching YouTube videos, and hearing from friends, this looks like a great family activity for all. Pizza is a rabbit whole in and of itself. Not only do you need the pizza stone, but next thing you know you are purchasing a pizza cutter and pizza peel to round out the tool set.

I am also taking a look at getting a Kick Ash Basket. From all of the reviews that I’ve heard is that it helps multiple ways: 1) easier to green the ash from the basket 2) the basket design increase the airflow and helps get the grill hotter. One downside that I have heard is that due to the increased airflow, it is possible to run through lump charcoal faster. 

That’s it for now – as we think of new cool products or recipes we’ll be posting them here. If you have any questions or topics for us to cover please let us know. If we don’t know it, we’ll try to learn it, as there are so many types of ways to use either a Weber or BGE. 


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